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We are building a dataset with information about the competitions and their problem sets. It will be all publicly available (data, analyses, etc). Help us and the community by categorising some problems: Even a few minutes of your time may be of great help, in particular if you have already solved some problems, or even created them yourself!

Scoreboard of LATAM ACM ICPC 2018

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Bombonera: BOCA Online Contest Administrator

BOCA is an websystem written in PHP to manage a competition with format similar to the ACM ICPC. Latam BOCA Linux is just a hard-disk image of a linux distribution (Ubuntu) with the usual packages that are needed to run a competition, both for the server and client computers (teams, judges, etc).

Latam BOCA Linux

*** Bruno Ribas has created some ubuntu/debian apt-get style packages for building the system. They are the easiest way to have all done. Please check that at github and at boca-users list.

If you are interested in the Latam ICPC linux, the links to the files are below.

Citing BOCA: If you would like to cite this work, please refer to the following publication: DE CAMPOS, C. P. ; FERREIRA, C. E. . BOCA: um sistema de apoio a competições de programação (BOCA: A Support System for Programming Contests). In: Workshop de Educacao em Computacao (Brazilian Workshop on Education in Computing), 2004, Salvador. Anais do Congresso da SBC, 2004. There is also an extended abstract plus presentation named Brazilian's Contest Infrastructure: BOCA and Maratona Linux by DE CAMPOS, C.P., FERREIRA, C.E and ANIDO, R., at the Collaborative Learning Initiative Symposium, 2010.

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